Changing Politics through Art

Second Step: PARIS – CALAIS

March through France with l´Auberge des Migrants de Calais



  1. June: Paris – Sarcelles
  2. June: Sarcelles – Senlis
  3. June: Senlis – Compiègne
  4. June: Compiègne – Noyon
  5. Juin: Noyon – Ham
  6. June: Ham – Saint Quentin
  7. June: Sant Quentin – Cambrai
  8. June: Cambrai – Doual
  9. June: Doual – Orchies
  10. June: Orchies – LILLE


  1. July: Lille – Steenwerk
  2. July: Steenwerk – Hazebrouck
  3. July: Hazebrouck – Grande Synthe
  4. July: Grande Synthe – Gravelines
  5. July: Gravelines – CALAIS


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Start date: April 7th, 2018 9am Alaunpark with Dresdner Band “Ensemble Incroyable”

10.30am speech in front of the Frauenkirche


First steps through Saxony: we will be walking approx. 25km/day.

Packing-List: Wear comfortable hiking shoes and breathable clothes, carry some snacks and water, pack a sleeping bag, yoga mat, sunscreen, a hat, head lamp, towel and a toothbrush.

Lotte, our Van, will transport our bags, circus and cooking equipment.

Sleeping: We will sleep in the bellow listed towns in locations such as privat houses, offices, schools, theaters, barns. There won´t be any mattresses available, so make sure to bring a comfortable yoga/sleeping matt.

Food: Sometimes we will cook (vegan), sometimes pick nick. Be ready for the unexpected!

7. April: Dresden to Meißen
8. April: Meißen to Riesa
9. April Riesa to Oschatz
10. April: Oschatz to Wurzen
11. April: Wurzen to Leipzig
12. April: Leipzig
13. April: Leipzig to Borna
14. April: Borna to Altenburg
15. April: Altenburg to Glauchau
16. April: Glauchau to Zwickau
17. April: Zwickau to Elsterberg
18. April: Elsterberg to Plauen
19. April: Plauen to Möldareuth

20. April: Bus to Nancy France, were we are invited to perform at the improv theatre Festival.

Route: Germany – France – Spain – Portugal – Morocco – Algeria – Tunisia

You can join the march at anytime on the Route and feel free to stay as long as you want, even if you can only walk for one day. You may want to offer artistic workshops on the subject of freedom of movement, expand the theater concept beyond the absurdity of borders, or even organize accommodation and suggest beautiful hiking trails. But you do not need a specific talent and you do not have to offer anything. We will move as a a group, and as a group creativity comes naturally. At the end of the day, our goal is simply to sensitize the worlds population about the unjust discrimination due to the unequal value of nationalities. We want to make a difference together.

“A revolution without movement is a revolution that does not move anything, and a revolution without a circus is certainly not worthwhile.”

Where are we when:


Facebook Page: “Libereco de Movado”